Inebriated Shakespeare™

Soliloquy under the Influence

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit acting troupe on a mission to spread the word of the Bard in a fun, engaging, and entertaining way. Performing in bars, clubs, and other venues Inebriated Shakespeare incorporates an abridged Shakespeare.

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We hold auditions once a year on the first full moon of fall.

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“Some serious Shakespearian soubrettes get sloshed and spout… well, Shakespeare.”

How It Works

With every donation of $5 or more from our audience, our players can receive life-saving sustenance in the form of shots of top-shelf liquor. Thus, they become inebriated throughout the performance, not only for your entertainment, but more importantly, for your enrichment.

Our Mission

To entertain & enrich audiences with a fresh and modern-ish take on the works of the literary lush himself, William Shakespeare.

Core Values


oliloquy Safely


onor the Bard


dvocate responsible drinking


indle Curiosity


nrich & Entertain


upport all Races, Genders, & LGBTQIA+

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This isn’t thy typical sponsorship opportunity; this is immersive advertising.

Sponsor Benefits

  • In-Show Mentions
  • Logo & link-back on website and digital program
  • Social Shoutouts
  • We take Material or Financial Donations
  • Tax Deductible
  • Honorary title of “Barron”

Our Current Barons

Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum
Oracle Netsuite
Third Coast Comedy Club

Have a Place? Pick a Play.

Like a band, we are pretty self-sufficient. You need only point us to your performance space, and we’ll handle the rest.

Plus, we typically have more than one play to choose from, so you can have us on multiple occasions. Compound that with drinking and you’ll rarely get the same performance twice, but it’s always “A riot”.

Venue Benefits

  • Help support a non-profit
  • Standard % of the door
  • You OR We can sell tickets
  • All players sign a liability waiver
  • We’ll buy two bottles of liquor
  • Multiple play options
  • Never the same show


Average Audience


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“I would give all my fame for a pot of ale, and safety.”

— BOY —

Henry V | Act III, Scene II