Inebriated Shakespeare | San Antonio
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Get ready to be transported to a whimsical world where Shakespeare meets Charles Dickens in a merry, inebriated rendition of Ian Doescher's "William Shakespeare's Christmas Carol"! The Artisan Craft Bar in San Antonio, Texas, is the stage for this uproarious and festive theatrical extravaganza. As the Bard himself would say, "What light through yonder cocktail glass breaks?"

We are Inebriated Shakespeare

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit acting troupe on a mission to spread the word of the Bard in a fun, engaging, and entertaining way while supporting other non-profits and their missions.

“Soliloquy under the Influence.”

Performing in bars, clubs, and other venues Inebriated Shakespeare incorporates an abridged Shakespeare play with some adult beverages thrown in. With every donation of $5 or more from you, the audience, provide our players with life-saving sustenance in the form of a shot of top-shelf liquor. Thus, they become inebriated throughout the performance, not only for your entertainment, but for your education.

A portion of all proceeds from each show will go towards other non-profits and their missions.

View each show for specific details on the nonprofit we are supporting that night.

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